Strategic Financial Consulting – Turning Data into Information

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Strategic Financial Consulting

Back on our Who We Serve page we introduced the title “Maker of All Critical Decisions.” Does that describe you? If you’ve had to make some pretty important decisions when you weren’t armed with enough information, you are not alone.

Especially for small businesses, true financial reporting that illuminates important trends and makes decisions easier is rare (and therefore a competitive advantage, we would argue). While accurate and well-organized bookkeeping is essential, it is really just the foundation level of accounting. Our financial consulting service is designed to give you the right information so you can run your business with confidence.

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Monthly Financial Reporting
& Analysis

The cornerstone of our service is a customized set of regular, timely, and accurate accounting reports. After performing a thorough review of your existing accounting and business objectives, we work our magic in QuickBooks to tailor the chart of accounts and customize reports to provide maximum insight.

Since we’re working in QuickBooks all day every day, we streamline and automate steps in order to give you timely reports without paying for a lot of effort every month.

Statement of Cash Flows

As the saying goes, “cash is king.” One of the most important benefits we provide is cash flow insight so you can plan how to meet expenses or adjust your commitments as needed. Monthly or Quarterly cash flow statements are a fundamental tool.

Balance Sheet

Within QuickBooks a balance sheet report is always available, but depending upon your business needs, we will review and confirm it on a Monthly or Quarterly basis.

Income Statement

Our upfront work to understand your business allows us to construct profit and loss statements that truly show how your business is performing. We’ll create separate reports for your tax professional to make their lives easier (and your CPA bills lower).

Financial Analysis

We establish and monitor KPIs, review critical financial metrics, conduct margin analysis, prepare cash flow projections and more as needed to help run your business with confidence.

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On-Call Financial

By getting to know your business through our monthly accounting service, we can be very efficient when you need help with annual or specific, non-recurring tasks:

Help determine and establish a new business entity structure

Assemble a professional business plan to qualify for a loan

Develop a budget to guide decisions through the coming year

Report to financial institutions (e.g., loan covenant compliance and surety bond requirements)

Analyze variances between estimates and actuals for long term projects

Review and develop tax strategies (W2/K1 Ratio, Dividend Requirements and SE Tax)

One of our Controller / CFO level consultants becomes intimately familiar with your operation so that when challenges or opportunities arise, we can “parachute in” with additional consultative financial support. When it’s not needed, you pay nothing extra.

Visit our bookkeeping and accounting page to learn more about our monthly service
that makes all this financial consulting support possible.

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to help you determine if our financial consulting would help you meet your business goals