Sophisticated Accounting and Finance for Businesses with 20 or Fewer Employees

Four people smiling in a conference room as they go over cash flow statements

Who We Serve

As a small business owner or leader, you wear many hats – President, Chief Motivator, VP of Sales, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Guru, and Maker of All Critical Decisions. If you have been doing all this for a long time, it may feel like there is just no other way.

Before getting their accounting under control, our clients are often stretched so thin that they only have time to deal with the “surface” problems that relate to accounting.  Some tasks are routinely postponed or completely ignored because there just isn’t enough time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Surface accounting problems
(tip of the iceberg)

Bank reconciliations are behind by a couple of months...or more

A loan application is delayed because they want reports that you are struggling to produce

Some expenses, like higher-than-expected taxes, strike with little warning

Cash flow is unpredictable which leads to unexpected overdraws or shortfalls

Accounting is only processing payables, receivables, and payroll – insight to help make decisions isn’t offered

Unfortunately, these issues are often just the part of the “iceberg” that’s above the water line.

Underlying financial challenges
(potential for severe consequences)

Some services or products that are assumed to be profitable are far from it

The company is unknowingly over or underpaying taxes, which risks both penalties and audits

The banking officer informs that a credit line is being denied or canceled because the company is out of compliance

A lack of inventory coordination between departments, particularly when internal controls are weak or absent can lead to trouble, including internal theft and employee/vendor collusion schemes

Yikes, how overwhelming! With comprehensive financial care tailored to your organization’s unique needs, we can solve both above and below-the-line issues and deliver a positive return on investment quickly.

Women working on a laptop looks at the camera and smiles while accountants and chief financial officers go over quickbooks and other financials in the background

Clients we are best equipped to help

Organizations that use QuickBooks, or are interested in adopting it, are in the best position to benefit from our services. In fact, we only work with QuickBooks. By focusing solely on the QuickBooks platform, we can do things very efficiently – and that’s a win-win.

Aside from using QuickBooks, here are a few additional characteristics that indicate a great match for our services:

Small organizations with 20 or fewer employees

Our team approach to accounting and our comprehensive, but cost-effective, service packages are built with small businesses in mind.

Companies that are growth oriented

We help companies move from bookkeeping that simply stores documents to accounting that enables better decisions. Skilled forecasting and budgeting helps identify growth opportunities more easily.

Owners or Executives who embrace technology

QuickBooks has grown from a simple bookkeeping system into a sophisticated cloud application. We take advantage of automation and integrations with other systems to deliver a great experience for our clients.

Organizations seeking transparency and checks and balances

We put controls in place and separate tasks for sound financial governance.

Companies ready to invest in accounting

To be clear, we go beyond bookkeeping, so our fees are higher than what you would pay for simply having information entered into QuickBooks. The clients that get the most from their relationship with us see (and experience) the value of an accounting function that helps them run their businesses better.

Now that you have a feel for who we serve, learn about what we do and how we deliver for our clients.