Bookkeeping & Accounting – the Foundation of a Healthy Small Business

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Expert Accounting Services

If you have ever been without someone “keeping the books,” you know that business can nearly grind to a halt when accounting help is not available or accuracy cannot be trusted. While QuickBooks is user-friendly enough to tempt a non-accountant to step in to bridge the gap, things can quickly get out of control.

Even though good accounting has a lot to do with following important rules and practices, it is by no means a “paint by numbers” task. In order to ensure that you can run your business on accurate, useful information, we tailor your QuickBooks account and develop custom reports.

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Customized Accounting

Thorough analysis and configuration

By working with you to understand your business, we are able to set up your chart of accounts to work for you while adhering to GAAP standards.

Recording of all transactions

Depending upon your needs, we record transactions along with necessary documentation weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. We make this convenient for you by setting up easy electronic communication – it will be just like we’re there in your office.

Timely reports

We close out each month within 5 business days then deliver insightful reports that we have developed specific for your business. Commonly requested reports include the “big 3” – profit & loss statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet but also reports like sales channel profitability.

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What makes our accounting
service different

We’re accounting gurus, so it’s pretty easy for us to distinguish between the “plug and chug” bookkeeping services available and what we do. But it may not be as easy for you to tell the difference. Hopefully, what we have articulated above helps. Here are a few more thoughts that may clear things up:


Because we have such a deep understanding of what is possible in QuickBooks, wherever possible we utilize features like memorized transactions to keep costs low and accuracy high.

Accuracy & Clarity

Low-cost bookkeeping services are more likely to think about accounting purely from the transaction perspective. This can lead to the mentality that “as long as it’s recorded in there somewhere, the numbers will come out fine.” We disagree. The CFO / Controller level of expertise that drives our Financial Consulting makes us acutely aware that only recording in the right place, in the right way, will yield top-level reports that can be trusted.

Strategic Partnership

Ours is a small business, just like yours. You’ll get to know our people and we will take nearly as much pride in your success as you and your team will. By enlisting our help, you’ll get our whole team and our portfolio of skills.

Visit our financial consulting page to learn more about how we really put your accounting to work for your business as a strategic advantage.

We offer a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to help you determine if our financial consulting would help you meet your business goals